People and Deltas, a project by Dragoș Lumpan


Deltas are generally associated with flora and fauna. This is confirmed by a simple search for any delta on Google Images (take Danube Delta, for example): very few locals appear on the first page. Nor are the texts kinder to the people of the deltas; for example wikipedia.org uses over 1700 words to describe biodiversity and under 100 words for the population of the Danube Delta. There can be many explanations: the fauna and flora are truly spectacular. There are few people in the Danube Delta; the population density is approximately 20 times lower than the rest of Romania, and the Delta is in the process of depopulation.

“The common thinking is: the [Danube] Delta man is the fisherman who fishes, drinks, sleeps and that’s about all he can do. In reality, Delta involves many more categories of people…” – this is a quote from one of the interviews you can see on this site.

“People and Deltas” observes in photography and film the inhabitants of the Delta areas, the environment in which they live, their ordinary life.

“People and Deltas” is an ongoing project. In 2023 I will continue to take photos and film people from the Danube Delta, but also from other deltas: Kızılırmak (in Turkey) and Ebru (in Spain). If you have suggestions, proposals, stories, they are welcome!


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Muzeul-Atelier Școala de la Piscu, Asociația Ivan Patzaichin – Mila 23, Ivan Pescar, Muzeul Național al Țăranului Român, Muzeul Etnografic al Transilvaniei, Centrul de Fotografie Documentară, Zeppelin, Librăriile Carturesti, PostModernism Museum.

Thanks to: 

GeoEcoMar, Chainsaw Europe and the people from the deltas.