Ciprian and Fedea

Ciprian and Fedea live in Periprava. Fedea was a car mechanic. Because of the changes in the 90s, when many factories closed, he had to find another job. In Periprava, one of the few jobs you can have, if you don’t leave the Delta, is that of a fisherman. It’s a tough job: Ciprian and Fedea leave Periprava by boat at the beginning of the week and return only at the weekend. They stay on Suez Canal, between Lakes Merhei and Matita, on a small island, where they have a hut. In the afternoon they spread the nets; at 3 a.m. they get up and go to empty them, then they have to sell the fish, clean the nets and prepare them to spread them again. In the little time left they eat and repair their hut.

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