Mila 23

Mila 23 is a village in Crișan commune, accessible only by water. It is also called the “Village of Champions” because it is the place where most of the national, European, world and Olympic kayak-canoe champions were born; for example: Ivan Patzaichin, Antrop Varabiev, Setghei Covaliov, Lipat Varabiev, Afanasie Sciotnic, Calinov Lavrente, Vicol Calabiciov, Afanasie Butelchin, Agafia Constantin, Maria Nichiforov, Anton Calenic, Vasile Simiocencu, Sidorov Ichim, Vinturis Gheorghe.

Until a few years ago most of the inhabitants were fishermen. In 2022 one of them told me: “In a few years the fishery will disappear. Tourism will be the only thing left for us.”

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